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Love the lonely lamppost...


I try to keep it company whenever I'm visiting Gijón. My most favorite spot, a sort of well-kept secret even for locals ;)

Joe Rousé

It is wonderful to see Asturias photos. I'm going next year, hopefully the I won't get wacked by the Euro.

Julius Civitatus

Excellent photos. One of my favorite places in the whole wide world is Luarca, Asturias. I haven't been there in years, but I miss it tremendously. So beautiful, so real, so much fun. Just the thought of "fabada" makes me salivate... yum!

Enjoy your vacation. Lucky you missed the mess of the Republican Convention here in New York...


Hey Julius! Nice to see you around here...

I wish I had missed it but, unfortunately, these photos were posted post-vacation... My first week back and I was already smacked in the middle of the ugliest side of America. Rough re-entry, I'll tell ya.

Mmmm, fabada! Luarca! I just got back and am already seeped in nostalgia.

Joe, start saving now ;) you WILL get whacked! still worth it, though


Gijón bars are crazy, so how come no photos of them? I don't think I've seen people dress up as much to go out anywhere north of Albacete.

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